June 1-5, 2006

Regional Meeting as part of Mexico: Gateway to the Americas
Mexico City, Mexico


The Res Artis meeting in Mexico City, June 1-June 5, 2006, was a significant step forward for our organization in developing cultural ties and contacts within Latin America. Organized by Cristina King and Clayton Campbell, the Res Artis group was incorporated into the ‘Las Puertas de las Americas’ performing arts market, a convening of hundreds of contemporary dance, theater, and musical performing arts groups from the Americas.

The objectives of the Mexico City meeting were to

  1. bring Res Artis to the attention of numerous arts and culture leaders from the Caribbean, and Latin and South America
  2. exchange contexts, methodologies and models for the creation and sustainability of artist residency programs.

To exchange ideas and information with Latin American colleagues, Res Artis presented three workshops for performing and visual arts groups. In each, Clayton Campbell contextualized Res Artis, presenting an overview of the organization with a Spanish language power point program, and discussed the meaning and value of residencies, as well as the history and objectives of Res Artis. At each workshop, Res Artis members presented presentations of their centers as models for the audience to experience.

Presenters included

  • Richard Perram from Bathurst, Australia
  • Ronald Lopez from Los Angeles and Turkey
  • Mauro Machado from Argentina
  • Rudolf Bruenger from Berlin

About ‘Mexico: Gateway to the Americas’

Mexico: Gateway to the Americas is a cultural initiative in the performing arts, which brings together the organizational capacity and resources of diverse institutions from the American continent.

Mexico: Gateway to the Americas is an annual cultural program, created by several public and private institutions from throughout the American continent, that have joined resources to establish an ongoing forum and dialogue, which fosters the definition of cultural policies and strategies.

Mexico:Gateway to the Americas promotes social, cultural and political understanding that emphasizes the importance of the performing arts in civic society.

Mexico: Gateway to the Americas is designed to foster the exchange and development of creative works and ideas. Gateway enables artists from Mexico and America assemble to work with other professionals in the performing arts: presenters, managers, cultural leaders, scholars and institutional representatives, among others.

The Events

Each day was designed so the Res Artis delegates experienced visual arts organizations in the morning, and then in the early evening attended the many showcases of performing arts groups in the Las Puertas de las Americas market.

June 1

Clayton Campbell, Rudolf Bruenger, Vanessa Whang and Olga Garay attended a funders colloqium, where presentations by major Mexican foundations concerning their role in supporting performing arts in Latin America. The rest of the Res Artis group toured the community based residency center, El Faro del Oriente, and then the Museum of Anthropology.

June 2

The group toured the Tamayo Museum and met the director, Ramiro Martinez. This was followed by a meeting with the director of the Kurimanzutto Gallery. The gallery is beginning a form of artist residency for their gallery artists in a new warehouse space.

June 3

The group toured the Dolores Olmedo Museum, followed by a boat ride through the ancient canals of Mexicoat Xochimilco.. The boat ride turned into an impromptu group meeting, where the future of the organization was widely discussed. Following this, they toured the MUCA at UNAM, meeting Graciela de la Torre and other museum officials.

June 4

The group toured the Las Puerta market, then visited Arte Alameda, an alternative art/performance space, and met director Mariana Munguia.

Res Artis Delegates

Participants in the meeting from Res Artis included:

  • Clayton Campbell, US
  • Nick Tsoutas, Australia
  • Cristina King Miranda, Mexico
  • Ronald Lopez, US and Turkey
  • Richard Perram, Australia
  • Rudolf Bruenger, Germany
  • Jay Koh, Myanmar/Burma
  • Vanessa Whang, US
  • Larry Thomas, US
  • Mauro Machado, Argentina
  • Pilar Ramos, Peru
  • Olga Garay, US
  • Marrietta Bernstorff, Mexico
  • Petrona de la Cruz, Mexico
  • Raquel Araujo, Mexico
  • Gilberto Gutierrez, Mexico