The meeting in Pittsburgh was the first time that the boards of Res Artis and the Alliance of Artists Communities were able to meet, introducing their various activities and exploring areas of future cooperation. Many thanks were given to the AAC for supporting Deborah Obalil to continue her work as Res Artis treasurer.


Pittsburgh Board Meeting


Clayton Campbell has stepped down as president, after four years of concentrated work, in collaboration with Rudolf Brünger as vice-president, Maria Tuerlings as secretary and Deborah Obalil as treasurer. Campbell co-ordinated the 1st Ford Foundation grant, stabilising the organisation and developing a strategic plan for the future. During his presidency, successful meetings were held in Australia (2004), Berlin (2005), Dakar and Mexico (2006). Also, the team successfully designed and launched a new website, improving communication between members and the general public.

Nick Tsoutas will become the new president, keeping in co-operation with Brünger as vice-president. Capacity building will be the central issue for the coming years. Res Artis will apply for EU funding to raise the administrative capacity of the office. This will also assist in the development of a new board structure, actively including members from all continents.


The website continues to improve, with traffic increasing each month – an annual average of over 650 visits per day (over 900 per day or the month of November). Improvements include an upcoming deadlines page, consistently updated news items and an in-depth member’s resource library and discussion boards. The involvement of Julie Upmeyer as the website content editor has brought a consistent monthly newsletter to the member organisations and over 4,500 non-member subscribers in English, Spanish and French.


Res Artis membership registrations and payments have grown in the last year, from 135 in 2005 to 153 in 2006. Membership in Europe has significantly increased, from 76 paying members in 2005 to 95 members in 2006.

Invoicing 2006

To date, Res Artis has 286 registered organisations in its database. After one invoice and three reminder letters, payments were received from 153 members. Res Artis will send out one last reminder letter early December, members who do not pay their dues will loose their webpage on Res Artis website.

Future meetings

In April of 2007, Res Artis is planning a smaller meeting in Boston, in collaboration with the TransCultural Exchange Conference. Plans for a large-scale General Meeting are being developed for the Fall of 2008 in Amsterdam. In 2009, the focus will be Asia, with a smaller meeting in Europe.