The 21st Century Art Residency & New Institutional Collaborations
Gyeonggi Creation Center and Gyeongii Museum of Modern Art


The new century has witnessed the transformation of the art world ensued by the rapid change of our cultural environment. International biennials and art residencies, especially those held on the Asian continent and other non-western countries, have appeared as a new impetus to claim the institutional remapping of the international art world from the 1990s onwards.

Art residencies, the major platforms for cosmopolitan artists to explore their nomadic spirits, come to create on-going dialogues with their local communities in which they are situated and with international society through their wide range of creative activities. Over the years, residencies have extended the traditional function of art museums by linking the local and the global as well as focusing on the participation and communication issues with their diverse programs. Furthermore, they have increased their visibilities and expanded their influences through their collaborative efforts with museums and other institutions.

This conference, “The 21st Century Art Residency and New Institutional Collaborations,” will provide an opportunity to investigate the possibilities that arise when art residencies, museums, and other institutions collaborate. It will provide a forum to consider many benefits, both conceptual and practical, for museums, and other institutions forming multifarious partnerships.

On the occasion of the opening of the Gyeonggi Creation Center, an affiliate to the Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, we will be hosting the conference of Res Artis, the worldwide network of art residencies, with an aim of inviting the creative engagement with these issues. All who are interested are welcome to attend and contribute their perspectives to this timely conversation.