New Horizons for Creative Platforms,
Constellation of Cultures-Asia, Middle East and the Global Network

October 25 – 28, 2012

Hosted by 
Tokyo Metropolitan Government

and the
Res Artis General Meeting 2012 TOKYO Japan Committee

Co-hosted by 
United Nations University

Conference Statement
We are now at a point where we should reconsider the world we live in. The world after 9.11, major change in the Middle East and 3.11 in Japan? as we enter the 21st century, we are faced with various agendas such as environmental crisis continuing since modernization in the 20th century, collapse of the economy system and collision between the East and West. There is no way that such agendas and art are unrelated. Is it not art that enables to question human conditions that allows us to open the next door and glimpse through new horizons? We hope to engage in discussion with those dealing with such compelling issues throughout the world. We also wish to focus on the role and approaches of collaboration.

It is long since a general meeting in Asia was last held. We hope to consider the role of institutions in Asian and Middle East where cultural currents are forming and the agendas on collaboration and network to arise in the future.

Artist Residencies whereby artists create work and exchange dialogues will become important sites from now on. We hope this general meeting will become an opportunity to open up such new horizons. Asia is structured from multiple values and societies. Cooperation nurtured here is not cooperation based on existing single values but rather cooperation that recognizes differences as values. Just as each star exists as an individual entity within constellations, we will aim for a constellation of culture by forming a single star sign through collaboration.