Kooshk residency, established in 2014, is a cultural and artistic space in Tehran. Kooshk provides a convenient space for artists, curators, researchers, writers and filmmakers to encourage inter-cultural dialogue and art creation. Kooshk strives to contribute to development of Iranian art and culture through participation in international exchange programs with cultural institutes worldwide. These exchange programs allow blending of cultures, provoke creativity and foster beneficial connections among nations. Kooshk welcomes and encourages qualified individuals from any discipline to contribute to the formation of this cultural movement by applying to use the facilities provided in Kooshk residences and studios.


Res Artis is an association of over 550 organisations and individuals in over 70 countries. Each of our members is dedicated to offering artists, curators, and all manner of creative people the essential time and place away from the pressures and habits of every-day life, an experience framed within a unique geographic and cultural context.

Since 1993, through the volunteer efforts of the Board of Directors and countless partners and friends, Res Artis has grown to become the largest network of its kind, promoting the role of artist residencies as a vital part of the contemporary arts world, stimulating the creative development and mobility of artists, and furthering intercultural understanding. Res Artis provides a critical forum for residency organisations, convening international meetings and conferences where the exchange of ideas, practices and creative models test cultural assumptions and stimulate participants to open their institutions to new ways of creative interactions between the local and the global. Res Artis is promoting an understanding of the catalytic role that artist residencies play for cultural exchange, the development of the arts and artists’ mobility.