Do I need a visa to go to Denmark?
Conference attendees from these countries will need a visa.

Members of Res Artis who need a letter of invitation to the meeting in order to obtain a visa and/or to help themselves in finding travel grants from their own countries can send their request to:

By the end of June an invitation-id or a visa-id can be obtained which together with the invitation letter will make all visa applications much easier. With a visa-id and the invitation letter attendees to the conference can get a visa from any Danish representative (embassy or consulate) around the world.

All Danish consulates and embassies have registered DAW as the host institution of the conference in order to expedite visa procedures for attendees.

How can I register for this event?
The registration can only be made through this website only and using the official Res Artis online registration form. (Please note that registration by e-mail, telephone, fax or traditional post cannot be accepted)

How do I book accommodation?
The hotel costs are not included in the registration fee. Meeting participants are free to book the hotel of their choice. Hotel rooms must be booked by participants individually. The hotel deal that is mentioned is available until Oct. 28th 2017. When booking, please make use of the direct link to obtain the discount made possible for Res Artis Meeting participant.

Do I need travel insurance?
Participants cover their own travel and personal insurance costs.
Res Artis, host organisations and partners cannot be held responsible for any mishaps that may occur during the participants stay in Copenhagen.

What are my travel options?
By Plane: The closest airport is Copenhagen Airport. From here a 13 minutes Metro train ride will take you to Christianshavn Station.

By Train: You should arrive at Copenhagen, Main Station. From here take the city line to Nørreport Station, exchange to metro train and get off at Christianshavn Station.

By Car: The address of Danish Art Workshops is Strandgade 27B, Copenhagen. You will be offered private parking facilities. Follow the map to find the Danish Art Workshops.

How do I get to the meeting premises?
The easiest way to get around Copenhagen is either walking or taking the Metro. The closest Metro station to the DAW is Christianshavn. From here it takes five mins. to walk.