Res Artis Meeting Copenhagen, Denmark, 2017

Prepare for Production: On Residencies and Artistic Production Copenhagen, Denmark, 25 – 27 October.

The Res Artis Meeting under the tile ”Prepare for Production: On Residencies and Artistic Production” was hosted by Danish Art Workshops (DAW) and FABRIKKEN / The Factory of Art and Design in Copenhagen, Denmark from October 25-27, 2017.

With the recent expansion of arts residencies all over the globe, how can residency operators meet the challenge of providing adequate production facilities and infrastructure to artists? How do production needs differ between artforms? And how can we encourage artists in residence to strike a balance between production and experience? This 3 day Res Artis Meeting addressed these questions by proposing innovative solutions based on concepts of pooling resources, co-working spaces and fab-labs. The discussion was aiming at better production conditions for artists and encouraging non-monetary alternatives and greater interaction between local arts and non-arts organisations.