This June under 24-hour daylight, nearly 200 artists, arts residency operators and cultural workers from more than 30 countries gathered for the first conference held in the Arctic by Res Artis. The conference, Exploring Sustainability Under the Midnight Sun, was hosted by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and the City of Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland from 18 – 20 June.The meeting celebrated the 25th anniversary of Res Artis, which over the past two and a half decades has become the largest worldwide network of arts residencies in response to exponential growth in the field.

The conference theme of sustainability was divided across a 3-day program focusing on indigenous residencies and ethical tourism, and intersections with science and technology. The program comprised around 30 local and international speakers, including Indigenous representatives from Finland, Norway, Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Participants had the opportunity to engage with Sámi culture and undertake excursions to nearby arts residency centres, the Arctic Circle, and even visit Santa Claus!

This meeting aimed to introduce participants to the dynamic arts and culture of the Arctic region, and to discuss best-practice approaches that result in meaningful cultural and artistic exchanges.

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