The Res Artis Arts Residency Manager Exchange is a training and support program for Arts Residency Managers within the Res Artis network.

This exchange experience allows participants to observe and reflect on various organisational aspects while gaining an in-depth view and actively taking part in the daily work of an experienced member organisation from our network. The practice also provides the opportunity to increase organisational consciousness, strengthen collegial bonds, and generate knowledge and cultural sharing among Res Artis members.

The motivation of the  program focuses on the exchange of ideas, resources, and problem solving solutions for the organisations involved. As a network we believe that these exchanges between Res Artis Members are an effective way for mutual learning and know-how sharing.

Res Artis acts as a matchmaker, pairing applicants with appropriate host organisations. Furthermore, we provide support to help ensure satisfying experiences on both ends. .

Res Artis is currently in the process of determining a fee and structure for this program. Please stay tuned…

For any enquiries, please contact